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Tillerson made a frantic effort to get the unruly Middle East under control.
He recently visited: Egypt,Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanonb, Kuwait and Turkey and
spoke with their top leaders.
language resembled the American Israely way of talking;
ambitions those of Netanuahy;
illusions those of Jared Kushner and MBS (the Saudi crownprins);
authority that of Trump’s fading glory.
But the
absolute terrible was the absence of any SPIRIT. That was smashed by the absence of a seriously coordinated
American scheme of action.
even worse: the prominent ally in the field,
Israel, falls outside the authority of the Secretary of State, the first Secretary of the US Administration. US Israel policy is in the hands of Jared Kushner, son-in-law of Trumph, while Trumps
attention and the solicitude of his Administration is blurred by the sourness of
the US constitutional fragmentation, where:
Straight is crooked
crooked straight
As the fibers of a plait
But, let me not exaggerate
It may well open
A promising (or . . . wicked) gate.

Hence the parties in the M.E. go their own way
whereby, fortunately, military action gets obstructed by internal problems in
Saudi Arabia as well as Iran. Only Israel persued provoking the destruction of
Iran. Hence Israely support for the Kurds, also friends of USA thus uniting all
three: Israel, USA and Kurds against the Turks who try to expel the Kurds
from their vicinity
Quite a dilemma for USA, NATO co-member
of Turkye.
But neither
Iran nor Turkye would presently benefit from a conflagration and even Putin may
prefer delay of escalation.

conclusion: the situation in the M.E. looks less scary than suggested by the
international press.

Till next time, Arnout

En aan mijn hollandse lezers: als er teveel
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