Fake news and failed states.

With a crisscross of lines in various colours, newspapers try to picture the conplexity
of the various fighting- and partner
groeps in the Middle East, their trouble spots and conflagration points. But frankly,
it all adds to more confusion, probably deliberately
as it prompts the need for professional guidance.
And there
Israel comes in as it has the monopoly and experience of understanding the
Middle East particularly in the US. Its
media are the AIPAC (American Israel
Public Affairs Committee) and the Middle East Forum (a think tank to
promote Americaninterests in the Middle East). The latter recently published an
article on Failed States, a discrimination it also applies to Palestine, an
incredible fallacy since what is left of
Palestine is broken up in two parts: the illegaly occupied West Bank and the
illegally emprisoned Gazastrip and both are under full Israely control .

Is there any doubt about that? No
Then why this fake news?
That is to obscure the essence of an issue which
for more that 50 years keeps the hole
world in suspence:
After WWII Palestine was offered by the
Western Nations to Zionism and in 1948 recognized by the United Nations General
Assembly as the home of a sovereign
Israely State.
But the displaced native population was
left penalized, which kept stirrings the
anger of millions Middle Easterners and many more millions all over the world. And that jeopardizes the domineering ambitions of Natanyahu, Trump,
Jared Kushner, oh Bin SaLman, Sisi, the Emirates a.o.
In an ultimate
effort to impose their determination
they managed to rush a coalition. However, the disregard of the popular Arab voice thwarted
the intentions within a year. Today the alliance lacks coherence and
credebility, but . . . it disposes of an
excess of the most advanced weaponry .

Meanwhile in
the utmost northeast of the Middle East a new dominance is growing fast, also
with its satellites and followers and international support, ready to challemge
the US/Israel initiative. It’s name is Iran.

Let ’s
zoom into them in our next blog, Arnout